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Create a game with Amethyst (part 1)

2017-01-11 / 2 minutes.


Today we're gonna talk about a game project I'm making with my beloved one.

"A game? What game?"

Good question! Let me introduce it.

The goal is to make a game 20 minutes long. The game will set up a character (player) who will face his remorse while being guided by his consciousness (off speaker). In order to pursuit his quest, the player will have to go through 4 level of 5 min long, each one of them concluded by a boss.

The game will be 2d (like Mario) where only the keyboard will be use.

The current select name is "Absolution" but I'm open to any ideas for another name. So, do not hesitate!

"Why should you make a game?"

There are several reasons.

First, it's fun. It's complex, interesting and, if you are with one or more good partners, it can become a really good experience.

It's also a personal challenge. I intent to make video game my work for a living in the future and, with that in mind, I would like enter a video game school. Having a game in my "book" could help me to enter in such a school. It's also a challenge regarding the used technologies.

"By the way, what are the technologies?"

The game is develop in Rust using the Amethyst game engine. Why those choices? First of all, Rust, even if it's young, is a powerful and very promising functional language. It's a compiled language that offer performances equivalent to c++ like languages. Secondly, Amethyst is an engine which use ECS paradigm by using SPECS library. For all the graphique part (sprite, drawing, etc) it's my partner's work. I only integrate her work in the game.

"Ok, we get it. But why speak about it in your blog?"

I'm speaking about it because it interest me. I propose you to follow this amazing trip that my beloved one and myself are going through and by the same, discover Rust and Amethyst.

When a new article on the subject is out, I will post the link down below.

-- Mathieu